Using  for your club meetings.

Why Zoom?

Zoom provides the capability for groups of people to meet face-to-face online, wherever they may be in the world using their computer, tablet or phone. There are other platforms but we are proposing this one as it will be familiar at both Club and District level. Below are just some of the benefits for clubs and our district.
Self Isolation.  At this time face to face Club, Club Council / Board and Committee meetings as well as District Council, Executive and Committee Meetings etc are impossible under the restriction imposed by the Corona virus. Zoom provides a practical alternative to all these.
Time savings. There is no traveling time to take into account and no concerns about traffic delay. Saving some people for District meetings of up to 3 to 4 hours per meeting and at least 1 hour in almost every other case.
Cost savings. Fuel and wear and tear costs on vehicles are avoided and also the cost of hiring a venue and refreshments. This cost-saving can be significant for both the individual and the district and benefits our carbon footprint. When the meetings over you are already home.
Reduce personal risk  Traveling to and from meetings can present a significant risk for those traveling by car.
Location. A Zoom meeting eliminates any disadvantage to participants who live in remote areas and also breaks down the barrier to a larger geographical district. Attendees can join a meeting from any worldwide location, and therefore we promote world understanding and can provide an unlimited source of interesting speakers.
Reducing e-Mails. e-Mailing in respect of a particular matter can drag on for days as the number of e-Mails proliferates and the tone of voice is invariable misinterpreted, leading to acrimony.  Zoom is face-to-face in every way.
Reducing telephone calls. Several people can be together online, saving a series of separate individual calls.
Sharing documents, presentations and videos etc. online. Saves the need to print copies for all participants and can also be used to make changes and write up notes. Meetings can be recorded with everybody’s agreement and archived or made available to participants who could not attend.
Frequency of meetings. Can be for any length of time and at any time of day or night. Online meetings can facilitate better attendance, leading to quicker decisions and better decision making as a result.

Zoom best practices for securing your meeting.

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How to share video and audio in Zoom.